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Trainer Bios

Fitness means healthy and energy!

RiverWinds Personal Training is dedicated to your health.  We service all individual needs and help people achieve their goals.  Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or reshape your body, our certified trainers can help.

For more information please visit the front desk or fill out and submit a Personal Training Request

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Brett Gibbs
Certification: AAAI/ISMA Personal Training

Training Philosophy: 
Brett is a graduate of West Deptford High School.  Brett has been playing ice hockey for most of his life.  He still competes in men's hockey leagues and runs training clinics for multiple hockey organizations.  Brett is an avid runner but believes a 50/50 balance of cardio and weight training is the best for success on any and all of your fitness goals.

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Lisa Cancglin
Education: Masters Degree in Sports Management

Training Philosophy:
Lisa has devoted her life to health and fitness. She has experience in distance running, triathlons, yoga, and weight lifting. She has competed in numerous triathlons, having complete two full Ironmans. Come train with her and learn how to incorporate health and wellness into your life.

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Joe Yearicks 
Certification: AAAI/ISMA

Training Philosophy:
Joe believes that eating healthy and training hard are the main ingredients to overall health and fitness. His specialties are cross training, sport specific and general fitness.

Erin Cruz


Erin Cruz
Certification: NASM

Training Philosophy: 
Erin has always been active and taken an interest into the fitness industry and has since became a NASM certified personal trainer who takes a well-rounded approach when it comes to training individuals. With the perfect blend of stabilization, strength training, cardio, and proper form clients will be able to reach their desired goals.

Specializations: Strength Training, Circuit Training. Senior Fitness,  Balance & Stability, Basic Fitness and Running.

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Brian Tindall
Certification: NASM

Training Philosophy: 
Brian started his own weight loss journey over a year ago after he was at his heaviest weight and feeling down and unmotivated.  As a husband and a dad of 2 boys he knew he needed to make a change for his family.  A year later, he is down 65 pounds and not stopping there!  Brian knows mental health is just as important and physical health and wants to help anyone along in their fitness journey. 

Specializations: Heavy Lifting and Circuit Training.  His goal is to get you to love the gym and make a change your body and mind will thank you for.

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Jake Maska
BA in Exercise Science
CPT through NSCA

Training Philosophy: 
Jake is a graduate of Rowan University earning his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. Jake started playing ball hockey at 4 years old, and knows how important hard work in the gym can help with everyday life. Jake believes every movement of the body is important, and if it’s meant to move it can be trained to be better.

Specializations: Movement patterns, athletic performance, hypertrophy.

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Joshua Bush

Training Philosophy:  Josh is a NASM certified trainer and nutrition coach. Josh enjoys helping people transform their bodies and improve their health. He’d love to help you reach your fitness goals. If you see him around give a wave, he’s always happy to engage.

Specializations: Strength Training, HIIT & Basic Fitness.



Shannon Mulhern
Education: AS in Exercise Science: Women's Fitness Specialist

Training Philosophy:  
Shannon holds an Associate’s Degree in Exercise Science from Rowan College of South Jersey. Shannon believes in working out to overcome injuries and maintain a healthy lifestyle as she has used exercise as a follow-up to physical therapy to overcome severe injuries. Her workouts use a full-body approach to enhance balance and coordination.

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Brett Wurst
CPT/CNC/Strength and Conditioning Coach through ISSA

Training Philosophy:  Brett started his love for fitness three years ago when he was at his heaviest and at a physical and mental low point. With a family history of health problems, he knew he had to make a change. At this point he has lost 85 pounds and is in love with the gym after years of feeling out of place. Brett wants to help anyone who is at that low point and wants to make a change!

Specialization: Muscle Growth, Fat Loss, Strength Training, Balanced/Flexible Eating